Blanket Bay

Wednesday’s Wish Trip: Blanket Bay (Lodge), Glenorchy, New Zealand

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Australia but didn’t get to head to New Zealand even though I have friends there and have been intrigued by NZ for some time.  I ran across a place that looks like heaven on earth that you all need to know about. Blanket Bay, a luxury lodge located about 45 minutes north of Queenstown on Lake Wakatipu. For us outdoorsy folk, it’s a haven for heli- anything, heli-skiing, heli-fishing etc. If you’re not into adrenalin activities, you can Stand Up Paddle, hike, horseback ride or hit the spa. You can do these activities in many places we’d all agree, but not with this view!


Blanket Bay

Blanket Bay spa view

Blanket Bay lake view

(Photos courtesy of Blanket Bay)

  1. Hi Jane, Funny you should mention Blanket Bay a guest poster on our site just quoted this place in blog post called ‘Top 5 Hotels in The World’. Indeed, looks stunning! One day…

    Love the blog, kind regards, Si

    ps. Would love you to submit a photo to our Picture The World Project:

    • JaneJane08-04-2012

      Hi Si, yes, I just read and commented on it, nice! Yes, would love to check off each of the five!

      I love your Picture the World Project…already scoped out what countries I’d like to submit (and suggest to others to submit).

      Thanks you for the kind words on the blog. We just launched July 18th, still plenty to work on, but rewarding to get positive feedback- so thank you! I am really picky about site designs, so it took some extra legwork. Yours is very slick, and easy to follow, which as you know isn’t always the case!
      Best, Megan aka “Jane”