Shek O dining

Wednesday’s Wish Trip, Shek O (South East Part of Hong Kong Island)

Slip Away to Shek O (our first ever guest blog post)

by  Judith Isacoff

Hong Kong metro-area alert: A bus is now leaving for Shek O and you’d be crazy not to take the wild ride over the mountains to this perfect peninsular village.

Situated on the southeast coast of Hong Kong Island, this tiny town is wondrous and fun, picturesque but nothing fancy, and fast becoming a favorite with expats.

The beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs, steep enough for a gentle climb that offers a great view. There’s a public barbecue area, and the warm, rolling waves of the South China Sea beckon.

Just on the corner is a modest open-air Chinese and Thai restaurant with great seafood, cold beer and the occasional politician strolling by, smiling and shaking hands, if you happen to be there during election time. The walkway through the village is studded with tables topped by umbrellas where folks from many cultures eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company (dogs included)!

Note: the restaurants will be busy on weekends.

The tiny apartments are open to the walkway as well, affording you a view of life – or dwellings, at least – on the beach, encouraging you to dream about retiring there.

Think about it!

(Photos by Judith Isacoff)

Shek O dining

Shek O shop

Shek O Beach