Women's Argan Cooperative, Morocco

The story behind Moroccan Argan Oil

So most of you have heard or, or seen the following product that has become quite the trend:

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Moroccanoil products

Moroccanoil brand products are touted as “antioxidant infused, nutrient rich, innovative formulas” sold to transform damaged hair into “shiny, smooth and manageable.”  There are now numerous companies that market hair and skin products containing Moroccan oils, or argan oil.

I had the pleasure to visit Morocco (we eloped and honeymooned there), and while visiting we were able to tour a women’s cooperative that processes argan oil. Argan oil is processed from argan fruits which are nut sized and conical in shape. Using manpower or machinery a thick pulp is removed exposing a hard shelled nut. Within the nut are 2 or 3 argan oil rich kernels. These are then pressed extracting the nutrient rich oil.

It was amazing seeing the process, but more importantly seeing the pride these woman have for a well seated tradition in Morocco (and similar climates which are able to grow argan trees) that is able to support their families. This cooperative and many other have been so successful that it has driven producers of agricultural products to consider the cooperative model.


Women's Argan Cooperative, Morocco

Women's Argan Cooperative products, Morocco

Once the ladies harvest the oil, it is used to make numerous lotions, salves and conditioning hair products.

Women's Argan Cooperative, Morocco

Women's Argan Cooperative-argan product, Morocco