OCTOBER-TSA security check point-One way to speed it up! (& make it less annoying)

If I were currently more motivated and less exhausted from 3 ½ weeks traveling, I’d count up the number of times I have passed through airport security. While, not all were with TSA as I was traveling internationally, I have had my share of the TSA dance if you will. Anything, I repeat anything that will allow me to more quickly get out of reach of those imbeciles (ok, albeit unfair, and I am sure there are numerous wonderful ones, I always seem to get the jackass with the chip-on-his-shoulder-attitude, and John Wayne complex) is priceless in my book.

While it ain’t rocket science, I can give you a very valuable timesaver. Take off your shoes and place them in the first bin (assuming you have multiple like me). This way as your items come thought the conveyor belt, your shoes are inspected first and you can be getting them on as your other items are inspected, then you are quickly able to grab your bag(s) and go! You also avoid nasty looks from those around you in an uber hurry.

Stay tuned later for my full TSA rundown on how I make the process as quick and efficient as possible!