Wednesday Wish Trip-Call for Guest Posts!


So…..we want your input! Yep, you…you in your bathrobe sitting on the couch, you breast pumping while trying to multi task…and you dreaming of the perfect place to go on a ski vacation over the holidays!

We are formally inviting each of you to submit a guest blog! We are excited to share your words of wisdom. Each week we’ve suggested amazing places we have found that we think you’d be interested to visit (our whole idea of a “Wish Trip”), we’ve even cheated a little and shared a place or two that we have already previewed for you. But now, now we want to feature the places you most love! So write it up. Tell us why you love a special hotel or property, what makes it unique and little about the area. Oh, and of course pictures!

You’re guest blog post will live on this page:


So check it out, and email your entry to:

jane (at) planeandjane (dot) com

Two selected winners will receive a Burt’s Bees natural nail manicure kit!

Wow us ladies, we know you’ve got it in you!


Wanted, guest bloggers