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Low Tech? Books on audio- Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel, books on audio

Sadly, I can’t drink coffee, or tea- heartbreaking, I know…but think about how that impacts traveling…particularly road trips! A long dotted line, over and over…and over. What do you need? Caffeine and something to break the monotony. The more I multitask the more I learn music can’t keep my attention at times and is more of a distraction, but not enough to keep it! When I drive I think. That can be a good thing, but when I drive in silence, I get tired. On my last solo road trip that was a full days drive a 5 hr energy and Jelly Belly sport beans with caffeine still didn’t do the trick! Hallelujah, Cracker Barrel! Why? Audio books. Itunes was on the fritz prior to hitting the road, so I couldn’t download a book etc. I usually go to a used bookstore and buy a few audio books on CD, but I didn’t have time. So- I have never been so glad to see a Cracker Barrel on the horizon! I didn’t need a life supply of Moon Pies, though they are a personal favorite of mine, or $50 worth of penny candy, just a quick fix. To the left of the register sat a round display of audio books. Here is how Cracker Barrel’s audio book program works:

1. Buy an audio book at regular price, most are about $30

2. Tuck the receipt in an attached clear plastic envelope on the back of the package

3. Listen, and return the discs at any Cracker Barrel location. You pay $3.49 per week, when you return the discs the appropriate amount will be deducted and the difference credited to your credit card.

Essentially,pay ahead and get credited on the back end, so you are in essence “renting” the discs!

Be kind, please rewind

* Are you as humored as I am?….”be kind, please rewind!” When was the last time you saw that?

So the next time you are nodding off and need some entertainment, be glad when you see a Cracker Barrel and swing in!