Flight 101- Set of 6 luggage tags

Love ’em- Flight 101 brand goodies

How do you buy a gift for 6 travel lovers on your shopping list for only $18? Read on travel pals…

I am newly in love, and it isn’t with my husband. Even worse, it’s not one man, but TWO! John Sencion and Brad John, the genius minds behind the Flight 101 brand. Two avid business travelers who came up with the idea for a worldwide “retro modern retail experience that satisfies the frequent traveler’s every need.” So for ten years and running they have curated the hippest travel products and sold them in stores, and now online! Yay! As of today, a group of select Flight101.com products are being sold on Fab.com for a limited time, but you can always shop for them on Flight101.com

Here are a few that are on my wish list, just in time for the holidays!

Set of 6 luggage tags

$18 on Fab.com for the next 3 days, $12 for 3 on Flight101.com

Flight 101- Set of 6 luggage tags

 10 ft. charging cable- Reach any airport outlet now! Available in 6 colors, $24

10 ft charger cord, flight101.com

10 pk of travel size Woolite (Perfect for a quick wash of undies etc. in the sink!) $6

10 pk Woolite

Medium size (adorable) make up bag, $24

Medium sized, adorable make up bag

Grid it- electronics organizer, various sizes $22-34

Grid it

Spork, various colors (because I always pack food when I travel so I can eat healthier and cheaper) $4

Spork flight101.com

Coin purse, various colors, $16

leather coin purse

Leather wallet, various colors, $48

currency wallet

 Slim Sonic Toothbrush, (This one I already own, but is my one absolute travel MUST- so I had to let you know about it!)

various colors & prints $16

Slim sonic toothbrush

Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste, various flavors, $6.50

Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste