Do you type up your packing list on an excel spreadsheet?

Do you keep a travel file on each continent subdivided by country?

Ok, no. Most people don’t have that amount of time!…BUT your luck has finally paid off, because Plane & Jane does! Women, we always are the ones that plan everything. Plane & Jane is devoted to making your life more simple by planning your get aways!

Pick a scenario:

A)  Boy-toy on your arm looking for a good place for a romantic rendezvous

B)  Snoring husband and kids in tow, or

C)  Time to blow the town with your best gals or

D) Your over everybody and ready for a solo adventure!

Pick one, for heaven’s sake- pick one, you deserve it. 2 days, ten days, ten weeks. Let’s start planning. Each week P&J will feature a new destination paired with a travel plan on where to stay, eat, what to do, and even what to pack for your trip!