Huffake postcard, Boston

So here at Jane we are all about helping plan your trips, but we also want “in” on your trip fun…How so? Mail us a postcard from your recent trip, if yours is featured for the month Jane will send you a featured gear item complete with a travel tip! More of a photograph kind of gal? No problem, email us your favorite trip photograph (hopefully you are IN the photo) to jane(at)plane andjane(dot)com !

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How about a shout out for Christie McIsaac of Scottsdale, AZ! She sent us a postcard from her recent trip to Napa Valley, Californ-I-A! Christie, keep your eyes peeled for a special package from “Jane” for participating in our monthly JANEer postcard feature! You are our June winner!

JANEer Christie McIsaac, postcard, Napa, CA


Congratulations to Barb Loveless of Brinnon, Washington. Barb was selected as our May winner for mailing me a postcard from Belize! She even mailed it from there, cool postage stamps (and you know how I dig stamps)! She received a yummy Burt’s Bees travel kit!

Barb- Belize postcard

Congratulations to Christen Baswell Huffaker of Atlanta, Georgia. Christen is our September winner for her postcard from her recent trip to Boston! Keep ’em coming!

Huffaker postcard, Boston