I’m Jane, well actually, I’m really Megan McMurray Dugan, but like I said there was no mode of transportation that rhymed with Megan, so I’m “Jane” the one that keeps an Excel spreadsheet for packing for Scotlands’ drizzly spring days, but I am also the one booked a ticket for three countries (in 3 continents), threw stuff in a backpack and was out the door in 24hrs.  So, in a effort to get to know each of you Jane followers better, you need to know me better, right?! Hmmmm, where to start…I’ll spare you the me in diapers stories…(I was a cute kid though huh?)…

(And yes, this is a Budweiser)

and jump a little closer to now. I have worked in the veterinary industry for the last 15 years, the most recent of those years in veterinary academia as a fundraiser and alumni relations Associate Director.

(The apple of my eye, our dog Faeden- Gaelic for golden)

When not following the passion I have for helping others animals via my job, I had been focusing my attention on family, my own pets (of course this is a given for me) & travel. Life took an unexpected turn when I agreed to go on a blind date…then I started to concentrate on love! It was over sushi that I met the love of my life. We tied the knot at the base of the Atlas Mountains in Tameslouht, Morocco on Labor Day in 2011, just the two of us, an officiant, his wife and a photographer (I know, no family, but a photographer… what can I say I like pictures)!

Menara Gardens, Marrakech, Morocco

(blissflully in love, our wedding day, September, 5th, 2011, Les Terres M’Barka– Tameslouht, Morocco)

When not following the passion I have for animal health & travel, you’ll catch me on the trail hiking with my hubby and our dog, Faeden,

or out exploring the world with camera my in tow


working out, gardening, reading or eating….yes a lot of the later. I have evolved from a child that only got greens in their diet from green apple Jolly Ranchers to a bok choy loving foodie!

(Llama kebabs in Cusco, Peru)

But all of this was just not enough, not until Plane & Jane– the perfect consortium for we gals that love to travel!