Gear review: Canon 40D

Canon 40DPerhaps it is time to redeem some Skymiles to buy your plane tickets for this trip, because it is time to splurge…on a new camera! Ok, Ok, I know- smartphones do wonders, right? Well, right and wrong. Ever tried zooming in on your hubby’s embarrassing moment from a distance, grainy. It’s time to put your big girl pants on, and buy a big girl camera. I figure if you have come this far to Chile, you aren’t just visiting the one country, right? I invested in a Canon 40D DSLR about two years ago, and it was worth every penny. The 40D is a 10.1 megapixel durable, workhorse with a 3 inch LCD screen. Besides that fact that people will eternally say, “cool camera,” it makes crisp, gorgeous pictures due to its special sensor technology (I won’t bore you with the jargon) I would hope that my photos speak for themselves. If the 40D’s price tag is a bit steep, check out the lesser expensive Canon Rebel. Either way, remember, big girl pants.