When do you get to spend quality father/ daughter time? Rarely. Just a little cut up fun in El Caminito. A little weird and a lot funny!
A little slice of paradise in the city. Read a book here on the patio at the Hub Porteno, or wind down after a spa treatment. Truly a little eden (nearly) all to your own!
Y'all should know by now I am the breakfast queen, sometimes eating it 3 meals a day. The Hub Porteno serves us the best servings of beef you've ever had with eggs. All made to order and what's that? Ah yes, truly the best cup of hot chocolate I've ever had!
Breathtaking. The Cementario de la Recoleta, a resting place for centuries.
The magnificent Teatro Colon. If I had to pick one site, this would be it. Check to see if any concerts are scheduled during your visit, I'm still bummed it was concert off season while we were in BA.


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Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Destination overview: Buenos Aires

“Buenos Aires was founded twice. A settlement at the present day site was established briefly in 1536 by conquistador Pedro de Mendoza, but attacks by local indigenous tribes forced the settlers to move to Asunción, Paraguay in 1539 and by 1541 the site had been burned and abandoned. The harrowing story of the attacks and the overland journey to Asunción was written down by one of the survivors, German mercenary Ulrico Schmidl, after he returned to his native land around 1554. In 1580, another settlement was established, and this one lasted.

The city was well-located to control all trade in the region containing present-day Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and parts of Bolivia, and it thrived. In 1617 the

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Trip Planner: Buenos Aires

Perhaps it’s the visual image of dancing the tango on cobblestone streets, gauchos astride their horses or the colorful images of El Caminito that draws tourists to Buenos Aires. Having visited recently, it is these things, but so much more to me.  Buenos Aires is a massive city, and as I was tackling BA on a father daughter trip, extra special attention had to be paid to not overwhelm my dad with stops for 3,200 photographs, superfluous memento shopping or numerous historic landmarks that may overload him. This trip was about living in the moment, completely, with my dad. Ok, you got me- I did take numerous pictures, and “see” plenty, but this time I really made an effort to absorb the trip and not sweat what I didn’t see and focus on what I did see. In return BA gave me a stronger trip with my dad and a

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What you need for the trip: Patagonia Bandha Dress

If I haven’t impressed this upon you enough, let me try this again. I’m cheap. My southern mama says that’s tacky to say and insists rather that I am “thrifty.” To that Mom I say, “NO, I’M CHEAP!” For most all clothes, gear and goods I look to find clothes that are 55% off as my general rule of thumb. It is nearly unheard of that I would walk in a store and buy something off the rack at full price. There are a few oldie but goodies however that I do that happily, with no fuss. Enter Patagonia’s Bandha dress. Cut just perfectly to skim your body in a stretchy fabric (which is a must for me these days), this sleeveless knee length dress is my go to dress. Each year they come out with 3 shades, likely black and two colors. So far I have amassed four. Black, blue butterfly, teal green and a funky pinkish colored one they call

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