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Wednesday’s Wish Trip, Jake’s Hotel-Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Sometimes I think too much about what YOU all may want to see, today, it’s all about me. You know I love a grand adventure, but I also seek authentic experiences. Sadly, many beach locales are hustle bustle- and, have you ever noticed how FAR from the beach rooms often are?

That is why my bucket list has Jake’s place at the top for the perfect chill, read a good book, maybe deep sea fish, and eat too much. I don’t need to tell you what is great about Jamaica, I do need to tell you what I love about Jake’s. Locally sourced menu, one of a kind art, watercolor painting classes, art classes for kids, movie night, schools of dolphins, private rooftop beds, hammocks and skinny dipping on a deserted beach.

Time for a visit!

(Photos courtesy of Jake’s Hotel)