Trip photos with style- Popsicolor App

Not everyone has the desire to be Ansel Adams or Annie Lebovitz. For many your handy cell phone is what you accompanies you on your travels (dinners out, babies first steps, or in my case, Faeden, our dog’s, cutest moments)! With Instagram (photo sharing program for iOS) hitting the market in October 2010, photo editing became accessible for the masses. Who knew you were talented, right? I tend to use the same filters each time on Instagram so I thought I’d check to see what other options are out there…one word, POPSICOLOR! Popsicolor is an app (for iOS) that takes your photos, imports them and paints them in watercolors. When you launch the app, you can take a photo, or import one from your image library. Once launched it tells you it is making a mess (aka painting your picture) then voila, your picture is revealed. There are color options to select to further tweak you masterpiece, then it’s time to share! All that for .99 cents, who’s in?

For example, I started with this trip picture from Australia of myself and kangaroos (which I adore almost as much as creme brulee, yes, that says a lot)

Megan and 'Roo, Rockhampton, Australia

“Doctor’d it,” as we say in the South, with Popsicolor…and voila, coolness!

Popsicolor-Megan and 'Roo, Rockhampton, Australia

 The Shilla Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

Shilla Hotel, Seoul Korea

 The Shilla with Popsicolor:

Shilla Hotel, Popsicolor

 You can also take a photo that has been “Popsicolored” and work your magic on it in Instagram:

Popsicolor Faeden, stairs

Popsicolor + Instagram Faeden, stairs

 …and no, I didn’t get the app for free for providing this review….!

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  1. NickNick07-26-2012

    Those are cool effects! I especially like the 3rd one.

    • JaneJane08-02-2012

      Yes, and it is fun and so easy!

  2. Chris BirdChris Bird08-02-2012

    Very fun effects! Would make some great art for the wall even. Thanks for sharing!

    • JaneJane08-02-2012

      I know, I am always looking for fun wall art and have planned to frame a few!

  3. KimKim08-02-2012

    I love fun iPhone apps for my photos! It’s fun to be able to easily tweak your images like you did. Thanks for sharing!

    • JaneJane08-02-2012

      So fun & dramatic! Your welcome!