Wednesday’s Wish Trip, Ohana Villa- Tobego

Sometimes it’s fine to be on vacation and share space by the pool with strangers…other times sitting on your balcony and looking to your right to see the Griswold family makes you think you might as well have stayed at home.

Privacy, check…beautiful, check…peaceful, check…room for 8, check. Why not consider renting a villa? Specifically Ohana villa in Tobego. “Ohana” meaning family rest house in Hawaiian, Ohana villa would be an amazing place to reserve as a family vacation. (Or with 4 bedrooms, 4 couples could divvy up the rental fee). Morning maid service is included, as well as night security and airport pick up. As much as JANE loves to cook, the possible “extra” that you can opt for a personal cook for the week sounds like heaven…especially with the view from Ohana, more time outside is a gift in and of itself!

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