Third party plane ticket booking advisory!

Have you ever booked a plane ticket from Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia etc.? I recently did, but usually book directly through the airline. Last night I went to check in for a flight due to depart from Knoxville headed to Albuquerque, a ticket I booked via Travelocity. With no online check in reminder I knew my departing flight was via United so I logged into United only to find my flight schedule had been changed, and not just a little. I was due to leave Knoxville at 8:50am arriving in Albuquerque at 12:45pm via Chicago. Instead, here is my new flight schedule! Crazy huh?!


When I phoned United, I waited for 17 minutes prior to speaking to a live person. The person I spoke to was really not much help, nor did he care. He said United had cancelled almost all flights out of Knoxville due to “scheduled maintenance.” He offered a flight getting into ABQ at 11:30pm, what was online, or he could call Delta see if he could rebook me through them and he’d call me in 2-3 hrs. It was already 11pm. I said do you really think that is good customer service to call me at nearly 2 am for a 7 o 8 am flight. I asked to speak to his supervisor. After communicating with “Jen” who was more friendly, and helpful, she offered to contact Delta and phone me with the news, either way in 30 minutes. After 3 conversations with Jen, I had confirmation that I had a confirmed flight out with Delta at 7:50am. Mission accomplished.

Take away:

1) Remember when you book 3rd party, it is your responsibility to confirm your travel plans. They (airlines) are not required to notify you of flight schedule changes, apparently neither are the third party.

2) Be persistent. If I wasn’t willing to take the time to walk my complaint through, I’d still be traveling now.