La Casa del Camino Billabong Surf Suite, Men's

Wednesday’s Wish Trip-La Casa del Camino, Lauguna Beach, California

It’s time to soak up the last of summer! That means last minute skinny dipping followed by margaritas on the porch…or maybe just the margs, but skinny dipping sure sounds better! Soon comes the back to school scurry, but before you start that escapade, do what you deserve- get in a last minute getaway!

It’s hard sometimes to find places that the whole family can enjoy, but a stay at La Casa del Camino, in Laguna Beach, California is sure to please. I know, “Camino” conjures images of a low rider like this with some shiny chrome. La Casa del Camino actually means, “the house of the road” in Spanish, which is fitting as the hotel has beautiful Spanish architecture. This gem opened with quite a flourish in 1929,  and quickly became a landmark hotel. Located right on the beach, service is as unparalleled now as it was then. Book a room in one of their ten surf suites.  La Casa partnered with surf culture brands to bring hip beach culture to the rooms. Imagine textures of beachwood, glass reminiscent of the ocean, and linens that ripple like the waves.  Our pick, the Billabong Men’s Suite (yes, that means there is a women’s suite too)! Complete with reclaimed wood, and a surfboard (of course), the room is a sophisticated version of summer accented with glass pendant light fixtures. As nice as the rooms are, you’ll be tempted to lounge. So do! Plan a day to sleep in, but then mosey down to the beach and stretch back on your lounge chair and order up a good cold one as we bid farewell to summer….or two…ah, hell, your not driving, go for 3! After all with services at the hotel including personal fitness trainers, you can work the calories off later (full beachside spa and fitness center).  Or maybe not? Maybe your ready to indulge at their rooftop restaurant for lunch and dine at their K’ya Bistro Bar for dinner? Lobster macaroni & cheese anyone (lobster-cognac cream with a parmesan crust)? You can indulge today, because tomorrow, tomorrow, you surf. Ok, maybe you just watch the surfers. Plenty of options, snorkel or take a Stand Up Paddle board lesson. When you are ready to kick the sand off your feet and put your flip flops back on, only ten minutes away is the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. The center was established in 1971 with the mission to rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals (primarily seals and sea lions known as pinnepeds). The facility has various outdoor pools for their critters, with a knowledgeable staff to both care for and rehabilitate the pinnepeds, but also educate the public. So visit and plan to sponsor a pinneped, what a fun Christmas idea for the kids after visiting!

(Photo credits: La Casa del Camino)

La Casa del Camino Billabong Surf Suite, Men's

Billabong Men’s Surf Suite

La Casa del Camino, Billabong Surf Suite, Women's

Billabong Women’s Surf Suite

La Casa del Camino, GlacEau Surf Suite

GlacEau Surf SuiteLa Casa del Camino


La Casa del Camino, landmark hotel