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Stubble no more! Best women’s travel razor

Somehow shaving on the road seems relegated to the old nasty razor that was once in the guest bath shower or was the free one in the you-got-stranded-at-the-airport bag. I. Am. Over. It.  Stubble no more!!!  I happen to see this bad boy and decided to give it  a whirl. I am in love!  It takes up just a little room in my bag and is completely worth it. After all, we have hit the age that we know what we like and surround ourselves with it, amirite? Women, stand up, stop waiting to wear the good undies, buy the good soap and keep shaving on the go with the crappy razor! Buy this Gillette Venus Snap travel razor. I am now sliding off my soapbox, that is all ‘Merica!

IMG_6363Handy dandy case