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Dimly lit market, Istanbul, Turkey

In huge cities of the world it is impossible to stay on course and see everything you want to. I have found the longer I travel the more obsessed I become with finding local grocery stores and better yet, open air markets. Here you get to know about the textiles, art, and cuisine of your destination quickly. One of my most favorites was the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey. Located in Fatih, in the neighborhood of Eminönü- you get a wonderful illustration of Asia and Europe colliding. Traditional mint tea and rugs adjacent to Vans footwear and the Beatles albums line the corridors. Arriving late, we were concerned we’d miss out, but the dimly lit chambers emptied to streets lined with fresh produce, meats and delicious nuts that were open until late into the evening


  1. ThaihoaThaihoa04-15-2013

    My husband refuses to return to Istanbul and has no desire for that regional foods since his visit 2 years ago

    • JaneJane04-15-2013

      Oh, no- the experience in Turkey was that bad? We loved the country & the food..even got engaged there!

  2. ThaiHoaThaiHoa05-06-2013

    Yes that bad.