The view across from Patallacta ruins (Peru)

The Patallacta ruins along the Peruvian Inca Trail undoubtedly are stunning. You feel in awe and perplexed when seeing them, it’s like viewing a real life sized puzzle. The whole trail is full of experiences so magical you almost hear the native pan flutes beckoning you further on your journey. Never in life have I been one to find beauty only in what others deem worthy, so travel is no exception. It wasn’t as if there was a crowd that day at the ruins that forced me away, conversely- the whole vista was peaceful and full of solitude. The beauty of the moment, not to mention the accomplishment of arriving further on my expedition made me breathe deep to take it in. Not just the ruins, but the entire portrait. Sure, I could have taken a bus right to the famed Machu Picchu, but I would have missed the contentment and beauty of just watching as the animals graze..and that is what I remember the most vividly about my pilgrimage.

Patallacta ruins

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    • JaneJane04-15-2013

      Thanks, it was such a beautiful area. I think the photo is so peaceful.