TSA & packing- Don’t confiscate my shoes!

Do you get tired of finding that TSA rules seem to vary from airport to airport?

I do.

Do you find yourself occasionally antsy as you approach the TSA line because you are unsure about an item you have packed? Not because it’s potentially harmful, or dangerous…but because you’re afraid it doesn’t fit the regulations and may be confiscated?

I have.

I don’t want my valuable items thrown away, &  in many cases I can’t afford to be slowed down. 

I have a thing for shoes. Nice shoes. Shoes with soft buttery leather soles. Shoes with spunk, pizzaz & panache (and sometimes comfort). Shoes that make you feel bad ass….ok, I digress. Now, I, unlike the Carey Bradshaws of the world, I don’t have the funds to buy $$$ shoes, nor the idiocy to buy shoes I can’t afford. Enter Overstock.com Years ago before it was well known, I use to snag great deals on amazing high fashion brands at about 75% off. Versace top coat, and my fave, my gorgeous slipper like comfortable black Dolce & Gabbana pumps. I, pulled a Wedding Planner moment, and caught and broke them in a manhole cover traveling in San Francisco. The heels are metal, much like a nails. No one was able to fix them. Replacing at current prices, even on sale, ain’t gonna happen. They sat near the trash…I thought I had to toss them until I found a professional in NYC who agreed to fix them for $90. Now that they are fixed, and I am about to pack them in my carry on for work (I only carry on), I’m concerned- TSA will you take my shoes?