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Wednesday’s Wish Trip, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge-Ngorongoro Crater Area, Tanzania

Go big, or go home, right? It is a “wish” trip, so I wish to go to… Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.

Located sitting upon the edge of Ngorongoro Crater (which is a World Heritage Site) located in Tanzania is an astounding lodge. While there are vast numbers of lodges located in Africa, NCL is the “permanent home of nearly 25, 000 animals.” For those of you that don’t know, I graduated with a degree in Animal Science, aside from travel, animals (and photographing them) are my passion. Together they form the best kind of travel for me, wildlife viewing. I have had the opportunity to meander an isolated beach with wild dingos, search for rare patterned ferns and watch a baby joey emerge from it’s mothers’ pouch all while in Australia, it is now time to experience Africa.

I expect to experience peace there. With views from every room, including the expansive bath, you can keep watch for the glorious animals that roam the African earth. Sip wine on the porch in the evenings, and look forward to an early morning game drive.

Per their website accommodations (food, beverages, game drives and emergency medical evacuation insurance inclusive) run between $1,000 and $1,550 per person depending on the season. Again, dream trip. Don’t you think about where you’d go if you won the lottery? I do. This is it, followed by a trip to Zanzibar.

Quite frankly, I can tell you, but showing you, well, decide for yourself…

(Photos courtesy of Ngorongoro Crater Lodge)PD_hd2