Wednesday’s Wish Trip- ANNOUNCEMENT!

Recently on our Facebook page, I asked for your feedback as to what CITY/COUNTRY you’d like to see featured here on our site for our Wednesday’s Wish Trip!Fun news! Starting next week, each week I will feature YOUR selected cities. I will work in the order you responded, so Jan McQuarrie of Phoenix, Arizona- I’ll be featuring Arye, Scotland next week- so Jan, JANEers, make sure to visit the site!Order:
#1 Jan McQuarrie, Ayre, Scotland
#2 Allyson Jacobs, Auckland or Queensland New Zealand
#3 Cynthia Oberg Istanbul, Turkey / Cappodochia, Turkey
#4 John N Victoria Giorvas, Cyprus
#5 ThaiHoa Burroughs, Verona, Italy / Provence, France
#6 Kim Okerson West Cork, Ireland
#7 Ari Davon, Chengdu

Stay tuned!
Bon Voyage,