Hix Island House exterior

Wednesday’s Wish Trip- Hix Island House, Vieques, Puerto Rico

I can’t really say you had me a Frette linens, but close!

Each time I cast my net looking for amazing places I want to go, and send my JANEers, I have a few items I look for:

  • What makes the property unique?
  • Is it “just” memorable, or will the location truly make memories?
  • What will the area offer, food, activities etc.?

I like the properties I visit to look like they could be on the cover of Architectural Digest. Surprisingly, Hix Island House hasn’t graced it’s cover, but perhaps it’s on the short list! Hix Island House is located in Vieques, Puerto Rico which is an island municipality of Puerto Rico, aka and island off PR’s coast (8 miles). This makes Hix a great candidate for a long weekend,  or long vacation (due to it’s proximity to the US), so you pick! The island of Vieques can be reached by plane from San Juan or ferry by Fajardo. The island’s tourism has recently been driven by great strides in eco-tourism, largely because of their unique Bioluminescent Bay, A bay that is lit up by aquatic organisms that emit light, (think lightning bugs but in the water). You can swim or kayak the bay at night for a truly magical, memorable experience, one I am dying to do! Vieques is a chill relatively undeveloped locale which makes it that much more intriguing to visit as you can unplug and visit a place devoid of fast food chains. Instead, peace and tranquility rule the island. Hix Island House is the perfect place to exemplify these feelings. A zen, 13 acre haven full of lush grasses and native trees await you. Hix has no phones or TV’s (but does offer wireless internet in common areas) instead your stay is full of time by the pool, yoga, massages or  arrangements may be made to sail, horseback ride, deep sea fish or more. Your stocked kitchen comes complete with Hix’s homemade signature bread, coffee, local fruits and juices as well as farm fresh eggs, etc. A perfect recipe for breakfast in an open air arrangement in your loft. That’s right, your room will be open air with a breeze, how relaxing does that sound (cap that off with a private outdoor showers offered in some rooms)? The property is largely run off solar power and makes tremendous efforts to capture water at shower basins to hydrate their fruits trees. Each of these elements add the serenity I would imagine, not to mention it is devoid of children 16 an under, so no teenage bickering like at home. So whether you are looking for a romantic couples getaway, or a bit more adventure for older teenage children, I think Hix would be just the ticket to make your family relaxed and rejuvenated!

(Photo credits: Hix Island House)

Hix Island House exterior

Gorgeous exterior


Divine pool

m Studio-View-to-Sea

Open air sea view from your room

casita 6-outdoor shower

My idea of heaven on earth, a solar heated outdoor shower with a sea view

unit 1d

Your fully stocked kitchen