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Wednesday’s Wish Trip, Tonnara di Scopello-Western Sicily, Italy

Usually my pick for a vacation destination is much more off the beaten path and exotic than most would care for. (I once even stunned my taxi driver who was from rural Turkey. Upon dropping us off at our remote Turkish destination near midnight he insisted on visiting the owner to find out what the small inn was all about!) Some pick Disney, Ft. Lauderdale, Hilton Head and the like. I have no children and at times the mere thought of Disney could cause a gag reflex, and the thought of a predictable vacation dinner taking me to Joe’s Crab Shack makes me shudder. Alas, we can find charm anywhere, right? The trick is finding the right places to stay, see and eat within the more predictable surroundings.

Italy. Not Rome, but quiet, lovely Sicily. Nested in Western Sicily between Palermo and Trapani sits Tonnaro di Scopello a former traditional Mediterranean tuna fishery turned inn. No phones, TV, no air conditioning just unadulterated sea views, breezes and rustic charm. “The proprietors rent the administrator’s and fishermen’s houses for a simple stay (about $1,000 US per week) all the year around. Breakfast is on self catering, and there is no daily room cleaning” (though the owners are on site for any immediate needs). Many rooms offer outdoor cooking and lounge areas. Not up for cooking? A fifteen minute walk takes you to the town of Scopello. Idyllic year around. Not for everyone if you are looking for predictability, but for me, right now- it’s just where I want to be.

Photos courtesy of Tonnara di Scopello


Tonarra di Scopello, Italy. A rustic mediterranean beach vacation destination

Tonarra di Scopello, Italy. A rustic mediterranean beach vacation destination