Toms Lonely Planet

JULY-Tom’s shoes partners with Lonely Planet

Are you a Tom’s wearer, or been considering buying a pair…why not win a pair instead?!

Of course this is a pair MANY people will want, but guess what? You can’t buy them. Sneaky, huh?! I am a sucker for passport stamps and postage inspired art, and these gems hit the nail on the head!

Toms Lonely Planet

There are (3) ways you can enter to win:

(1) Sign up for Tom’s and Lonely Planet’s newsletters

(2) Share your travel tales with Lonely Planet in 140 characters or less.

(3) Post photos of your own travel experiences on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LP & #TravelingTOMS for a chance to win.

Here is the link for greater details:

Winners selected weekly, Good Luck!!