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One of favorite things about traveling is collecting souvenirs. Another is meandering the aisles of grocery stores and markets. I am currently a little bummed out that my next international jaunt has been delayed, no trip, no souvenirs. Or not! Now, with help from a new business aboxfrom.com we can all enjoy treats from all around the world waiting for you in your post office box. That’s right, aboxfrom.com curates a whole package of items from a singular country each month and mails them to your home for about $45 a month.

Here is a recent box from Tehran, Iran:



-A map of Iran

-A handmade basket

-A bag

-(2) nabats (crystallized sugar stirrers)

-(2) tea glasses

-1 gram of saffron


From aboxfrom.com “Not many people visit Tehran. They are missing out on one of the world’s most dramatic cities. You feel it when you stand in the heated city center and look up to the surrounding majestic snow covered mountains. Or when you race along the hotblooded traffic and heartear-filled Persian songs from the rolled down windows of dusty cars. Tehran smells like freshly baked bread, exhaust gases, jasmine flowers and sweet perfume.”

The site gives wonderful descriptions of each item, and you can view the contents before ordering. Will it take the place of traveling? No, but it sure will help me (and maybe you) get your fix.

Interested in signing up for a box? Contact hello@aboxfrom.com.


Aboxfrom.com TehranThe next upcoming box is from Seoul, S. Korea

Aboxfrom.com Seoul, S. Korea